Ison Environmental Planners is a consultancy service providing environmental advice predominantly associated with planning for development and mining activity. Studies ranging from environmental advice and baseline resource surveys on existing or proposed operations and contaminated land studies, through to the preparation of full Environmental Impact Studies, and Environmental Audits are undertaken. The company has also been increasingly involved in environmental auditing, either as a fresh approach to review existing corporate plans to ensure adequate planning or to identify potential obligations and ensure adequate financial planning for their resolution.

The objective of Ison Environmental Planners is to provide environmental services which consistently meet our customer's needs and expectations in the most cost effective manner. Quality and reliability of the Company's services are the concern of every person in the organization and are not just the sole responsibility of the principals. The Directors and other consulting staff are dedicated to providing consistent quality of services, products and systems with a special emphasis to customer satisfaction. To achieve this the Company has implemented a program of Quality Management System in conformance with the Australian and International Standard AS3901-1987/ISO 9001-1987.

The Ison Environmental Planners Quality Assurance Manual describes the capability of the Quality Management System to provide consistent and integrated control over all operating requirements. "Quality Assurance" means exactly what it implies: assurance that quality is satisfactory when compared to the referenced standard 100% of the time. Clients of Ison Environmental Planners are therefore assured of services that meet their brief and will require little or no review where regulatory requirements apply.

As Directors of Ison Environmental Planners we fully support the continued quest for quality and improvement. We expect all staff and appointed subcontractors to actively participate in the program and willingly accept their share of responsibility to 'do it right first time, every time' as this provides the key to quality services, productivity and customer satisfaction.

The commitment to, and responsibility for, quality is shared by all members of the project team, so that all aspects of the Company's systems must be the result of consultation and agreement between Company personnel. All Company staff are encouraged to identify and report any quality problems and to participate in quality improvements processes through the Company. This system ensures that all activities are carried out in a well planned and systematic manner, thus ensuring the prevention, rather than the detection, of non conformances.

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