Ison Environmental Planners is an environmental and agricultural consultancy providing advice to a wide variety of clients. The firm was established in 1980 as Ray Ison & Associates but in 1988 changed its name to reflect the increasing size and diversity of its operations and projects undertaken since its conception.

Ray Ison, the film's principal, has formal qualifications in the agricultural sciences and since 1971 has had a wide range of research and consultancy experience in resource development and construction projects, principally in Queensland. This has provided him with an extensive knowledge of the Queensland and federal government requirements and procedures for project approval.

The practice operates by selecting and coordinating a team of specialists to fit the project rather than fitting the project to existing staff. The emphasis is to select members with formal qualifications but also practical skills and acknowledged expertise and experience in their field. This technique allows the appointment of a team with the best available skills without excessive overheads. The firm is able to undertake small commissions as well as major projects either as primary consultant or working in a multi disciplinary project team.

Reports are prepared to meet the needs of the client, being technically correct, easily understood and satisfying the requirements of the relevant government agencies.

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